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 TM Khutorok - producer of wheat flour and cereals

TM "Khutorok" - a major producer of wheat flour and cereals. In assortment

  •     buckwheat grain,
  •     semolina,
  •     Pearl barley,
  •     Wheat cereals,
  •     millet,
  •     barley grits.

TM "Khutorok"   Buckwheat flour 1 kg Buckwheat is a complete replacement of meat in the diet.
The most important property of buckwheat proteins is their good solubility and digestibility.
A balanced protein, i. Containing an almost perfect composition of essential amino acids, is much larger than in other cereals. Such a protein of biological value is equal to the protein of meat, fish, eggs.
Buckwheat mineral compounds are 5 times larger than in other cereals. Especially buckwheat is rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc.

Barley grits. Ukraine, wholesale supplies. Barley is the oldest cultivated grain crop.
In barley, the scales are tightly pressed against the grain and the threshing is not separated, so barley grain is always covered with rigid films. To get flour or grain from barley, its grain is subjected to special, more complex cleaning.
In the production of barley cereals, barley grain without a shell is crushed.

Semolina, Ukraine, wholesale prices. The mango cereal is produced from wheat grain and is a very popular and useful food product.
It has different properties depending on the type of grain. Semolina of milder varieties is more sticky and is used mainly in the manufacture of cereals and baking. It is also suitable for breading.