Products for "Russian shops"

Attention to wholesalers offering products in "Russian stores" of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!
With the help of Biona Plus, you can easily order / get a grocery container, completed with food products of Ukrainian producers.

The goods collected by us in such a container are fully decorated for sale on your market.

Продукты украинских производителей

- Quote:

I must say that "Russian shops" are in demand in different countries, which is correct and useful not only as a means of treating unexpected nostalgia, but also just for buying something decent thread. Alas, we have to admit that the contents of ordinary American supermarkets "for the home, for the family" is, for the most part, something malovkusnoe, often also artificial.

Company BIONA-plus:

    Completes and sends containers with products from Ukraine to different countries of the world, and
    Makes an ingredient-sheet for delivery,
    For each package (unit of goods), the sticker with the composition of the goods is glued,
    All the goods supplied by BIONA-plus company have FDA numbers.