How to profitably order a grocery container

How to profitably order a grocery container

As with the help of Biona Plus, a wholesaler can profitably solve the problems of supplying to "Russian stores" of any region:

    Go to the site in the section "about the company" to make sure the reliability of the supplier (ie us, the company "Biona Plus").
    Determine the order by viewing our offers in the "Food groups" or "Trademarks" items.
    Download "Price List" for acquaintance with the prices.
    Write to, through "Contact", call via Skype, write a message in facebook - in any convenient way to get in touch with our managers who will coordinate your request with our offers.
    Your order is discussed and agreed upon, after which we inform you of the actual terms for the formation and dispatch of the food container.
    You make an advance payment, we complete and ship the order.
    When you receive an order, you make sure that

  •         All the goods delivered by BIONA-plus, has FDA numbers,
  •         We made an ingredient-sheet for the supply,
  •         For each package (unit of goods) is pasted a sticker with the composition of the goods.

Attention to wholesalers offering goods to "Russian stores" of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

At your service:

  •      Natural delicious products from Ukraine, grown on priceless Ukrainian chernozem;
  •      A huge range of branded products manufacturers;
  •      The goods collected by us are fully decorated for sale on your market;
  •      And you, and your customers, serving the "Russian" customers, are satisfied!